Friday, February 20, 2009

Quick Unit Summary & Curriculum-Framing Questions

The focus for my unit is relating slope and linear equations to real-world situations. Students will be able to calculate slope and interpret its' meaning, as well as use slope to create a linear equation. Throughout the unit, students will explore linear relationships, connecting these linear models to the real-world situations they represent.

Listed below are the curriculum-framing questions that will be utilized in the unit:

Essential Question: Is Algebra (math) more than numbers and graphs?

Unit Questions:
  • How can graphs and equations help me to make predictions and/or conclusions?
  • How can my understanding of slope and linear equations be useful in life?

Content Questions:

  • How do you calculate slope?
  • What does the slope of a line tell you?
  • What is the difference between positive and negative correlation?
  • What information do you need to write an equation of a line?
  • How do you graph a line, given the slope and the y-intercept?
  • How do you formulate an equation for a “best-fit” line?


  1. I was impressed by your open-minded attitude in your first posting. I switched to teaching from another career, so it is much the same as coming back after a time away..almost feels like jumping in without a paddle at first.

    I like the connection between your unit and content questions. And I like your focus on making math relate more directly to the student's needs/experiences.

    I wonder if your essential question should be broader..How do we learn about our world? I'm not expert in this, just a thought.

  2. I like the focus of your topic...relating math to real world applications. Your questions seem to fit perfectly into your unit. If I had to offer advice as to how to improve it, how about adding a content questions that deals with a real-world situation. Great Job

  3. Thanks for your class reflections. Teaching is much more than just using the equipment. Also I am glad that you are open to using projects in your math class. Your unit topic appears to be appropriate. Your essential question seems to be very subject specific so you might consider changing it. From what I am reading, you seem to be focusing on the big ideas of order or patterns and maybe even prediction with the idea of a least-squares fit. Consider for as an essential question:
    Does the world require order to work?
    Does everything have a pattern?
    Can I predict the future?